About Us


Carrol Gatlin, Founder

Carrol Gatlin, the principal, founded Gatlin & Co, LTD., based on her values, one of which is to always collaborate with integrity and highly interactive communication whether it is with clients, valued partners or taxing entities. Her great curiosity about the intricacies of tax law and how it relates to her individual clients is of utmost importance to her and her associates. Recognizing that each situation has its own nuances creates a value-based superior level of empathy and loyalty to each client in pursuing responsible tax planning. Admittedly, on the surface, tax planning is not a fun proposition. The belief that strong advocacy begins with integrity, the wisdom of experience and the art of innovation is at the root of the process for accomplishing the goal of responsible tax-reduction and planning.

At Gatlin & Co, LTD, we pride ourselves on our network with other specialists in their fields to provide the most comprehensive financial services. Without the constraints of larger firms possessing strategy-limiting policies that require employees and partners to use only internal resources, we have the freedom to tap our network to provide the resource that best suits our clients for their financial needs beyond our knowledge base.

Carrol Gatlin earned a Master’s of Science degree in Taxation at the University of Central Florida and is licensed in the State of Minnesota. Her accomplishments and continued track record speaks for itself as she is recognized for delivering an inspired approach to taxes with wit and wisdom; she unwraps perceived negatives to create positive results. Her questions are driven by her innate curiosity that leads her to solutions that decipher the maze of tax laws and codes to improve the bottom line. In Carrol is an accountable CPA who strives for providing quality service, a back-to-the basics approach and safe navigation toward responsible financial management and tax planning.


Tony Dennison, Esq.


When Mr. Dennison was 18 years old, the Internal Revenue Service attempted to take his mother’s home based on mistaken information. He was understandably dismayed that the IRS could cause such devastation by mistake. After solving the problem by himself, he decided to devote his life to helping people in controversy with the IRS and State revenue agencies.

Mr. Dennison received his first law degree (J.D.) from the University of Baltimore School of Law where he was a member of the prestigious Tax Clinic of Baltimore under the tutelage of U.S. Tax Court Justice Swift.

Mr. Dennison cut his courtroom teeth as a Florida State Prosecutor for the Sixth Circuit of Florida.  He then went on to acquire his second law degree (L.L.M. in Taxation) from the University of Miami’s Graduate School in Taxation – ranked 5th in the world for its tax law program.  With more than 10 years of experience as a tax attorney, Tony is ready to take on any tax controversy, no matter how challenging it may appear.

Mr. Dennison also has experience working a number of major businesses and organizations, including 4Frontiers, Bechtel Power Corporation, Allied Signal Aerospace, and Axent Technologies, Inc.